BI Program Management
Our BI Program Management consists of Governance processes that make up the core of the activities and work products for your BI initiatives. They center on the Dependency and Issue/Risk Management as the central vehicle, but they also deploy process and people change management to improve the effectiveness of your organization.

Scope Management addresses the processes to manage change. In Business Intelligence programs, flexible and fast-paced change management to the defined scope is the most critical function of Program management. Simple tools effectively manage processes and related reuse of the work products. Status and budgeting of program activities aggregate the individual project or sub-program status views and provide an overall view of the progress vs. expended resources. Supporting Processes facilitate communication management and resource management both external and internal.

Major activities include Scope Management, Communications Planning, Dependency Management, Issue and Risk Management, and Budget and Resource Management. See figure below.

Caratera generally deploys BI Program Management as part of any significant BI program in which you engage us. It provides better program oversight and facilitates the transition of the infrastructure and processes from us to you. We insist on early engagement and program familiarity of your team members to further ease the transition and assure overall Program success past our departure.

Status Tracking
  • Manage Finances/Costs
  • Project Tracking and Oversight

  • Prioritization and Dependencies Management
  • Management Alignment and Governance
  • Issue and Risk Management

Scope Management
  • Intake Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Change Management
  • Intellectual Captial, Arch. ReUse

Supporting Processes and Documentation
  • Release Management
  • Manage Resources and Roles & Responsibilites
  • Communications
  • Manage Vendors and Internal Service Groups

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